Passion and Enthusiasm for All Things ShinyThe Story of SABHA

When Sabina Ebner was a little girl, she was fascinated by Grandma’s jewelry box, aunt Frieda’s pearl necklace and the shiny rings on the fingers of mum’s friends. In order to make her dream of working with precious metals and delicate gemstones come true, she decided to become a trained goldsmith. Sabina’s second great passion is traveling and immersing herself in unknown cultures.

Kathmandu and India, A Life-Changing Experience

The following decade, SABHA backpacked across Asia, learned meditation and the elaborate art of yoga. Places where gemstones are worked and jewelry is created had a magical effect on her—in particular Jaipur, whose small and narrow streets with their abundance of goldsmiths were SABHA’s playground. The impressions of these ancient cultures and the animate spirituality inspired a deep and lasting fascination. The extraordinary diversity of the ancient handicraft techniques of Indian goldsmiths fired her imagination and inspired the first original creations that were crafted in cooperation with local master goldsmiths.

Vienna, Gem of My Dreams

After a decade of traveling and working in Asia, SABHA settled down in Vienna. The impressions she had gathered, the spirit of Asia and the newly acquired knowledge matured into a vision and finally came together in a jewelry boutique. The store connects several worlds. With her craft, SABHA builds an imaginary bridge between different cultures. Every single piece of jewelry tells a story. Symbolism plays an important role, and floral and faunal motifs provide an almost endless source of inspiration.

Thanks to her long stay in Jaipur, SABHA gained a vast knowledge of gemstones, which is reflected in her collections. Using high-quality and natural gemstones is the top priority, and therefore all gems are hand-picked at trusted local traders. The origin of the gemstones, a sustainable production, fair working conditions and resource-saving, transparent processes are the cornerstones of SABHA’s philosophy and are guaranteed by a personal and friendly relationship with the workshops in Jaipur.

SABHALight, Splendor and Beauty

The word “ABHA“ means light, splendor and beauty in Sanskrit, and the S stands for Sabina. The emphasis lies above all on inner beauty, inner splendor and inner glow. Jewelry by SABHA is designed to highlight the individuality of the person who wears it. Because everything has an impact and happens for a reason, Sabina Ebner feels great gratitude for all the encounters, inspirations and impulses that make SABHA who she is today.