Product Care

Whenever you’re not wearing your SchmuckStück jewelry, store it in a protected and safe place, for example in a jewelry box in your bedroom. Please note, however, that storing your jewelry in a jewelry box will not protect it from natural oxidation.

Our jewelry collections are made from 925 sterling silver. We create the different looks by applying surface finishes, including brushing, polishing and engraving. Different tones of metal are achieved by galvanic surface treatments, which give gold-plating and rhodium-plating their shine.

❤ Do not keep your jewelry in the bathroom. The high humidity may cause the surface of silver to tarnish faster.

❤ Avoid direct contact with water and chemical products, including soap, perfume and cleaning detergents.

❤ Remove your SchmuckStück piece before taking a shower or a bath, or before using a swimming pool or a sauna.

❤ Chlorine, laundry and dish detergents, moisturizers and oil-based products may tarnish and damage your SchmuckStück piece.

❤ Take your SchmuckStück jewelry off while cleaning.

❤ Avoid the contact with hard and abrasive surfaces.

❤ Make-up, perfume and hairspray contain chemicals that might damage the finish of your SchmuckStück jewelry.

❤ After wearing it, wipe your SchmuckStück piece gently with a soft cloth to remove any oils and traces of make-up.

❤ Roll up your necklaces to form a spiral to avoid destroying individual links.

In brief:

Treat your SchmuckStück piece with the same care as your clothes. Shoes, bags and clothes need careful cleaning, repair and storage. The same goes for your SchmuckStück jewelry.

What happens if the SchmuckStück jewelry breaks?

If it is a manufacturing defect, please send or bring your SchmuckStück piece to our store along with its receipt. If the defect was caused by wrong handling, take it to a goldsmith near you for repair. Everything can be repaired. If you have questions about the repair, feel free to contact us at any time by e-mail at